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PV students become Apple programmers

3rd May 2017

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This term, Year 8 students were given the chance to attend an exciting trip to the Apple store in order to take part in a discovery and experimentation session.

It was an inspirational visit where our Park View students were given the opportunity to take part in programming activities and engaging workshops. It was an unforgettable learning experience where students were able to take their imaginations to new heights using new Apple technology.

Students were taught the fundamentals of programming using incredible technology such as Swift Playground – which is a remarkable, game-based experience using block programming that equips students with the basics of programming. Our students were challenged to masterfully solve a puzzle-like journey and rose to the challenge like true programmers.

Students were introduced to Sphero, a robotic ball designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding. They were challenged to program and navigate their robot through a maze – our students were definitely on the ball as they quickly programmed their robots!

The session was extremely informative and offered an amazing experience for the students by learning programming and robotics through hands-on play. The Apple store team at Brent Cross were very hospitable and made coding fun!

Here are a few quotes from students who attended:

“It was the best trip ever!”

“I never knew Computer Science could be so much fun!”

“I never considered picking Computer Science at GCSE but this has definitely changed my mind!”

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