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Little Shop of Horrors

6th July 2017

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Little Shop of Horrors - Year 8 student review

During the first week of July, Park View School brought the iconic show, Little Shop of Horrors, to the community.

After countless hours of rehearsals, through lunch breaks, after school and even on weekends, the wonderful cast worked hard to produce a masterpiece of mischief, mayhem and mad dentists.

The costumes were spectacular and the props were fantastic! Credit must also be given to the band, which was made up of staff and students, for their fantastic music.

The show has given so many individuals a new experience.

“I got to learn a whole new instrument and the experience of playing in a show band; I’ve never done anything like it.” Year 9 student Siana - the amazing saxophone player

“I loved the singing. The dances were funky and the costumes were dazzling.” Year 8 student – Lori

“The costumes were like a treasure trove. I loved sorting through them and giving the characters their style.” Year 10 student - Xanthe

You can view all the photos taken of the production in the Image Gallery.

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