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Primary School STEM workshops

3rd July 2017

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Park View School was delighted to host a STEM activity day to Year 6 students from Belmont Primary School. The day focused on introducing the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and the skills these offer. Students were asked to use their scientific enquiry skills to complete investigations on forces and gravity using a variety of techniques and resources.

The concept of aerodynamic structures and the interactions of balanced and unbalanced forces on moving objects were examined with plasticine models and levitating helium filled balloons. Students used literacy and numeracy skills to piece together and justify the engineering problems surrounding rocket flight.

The day culminated with a rocket fire standoff between two Year 6 groups. Students designed and built their model rockets using their acquired knowledge on forces and launched them using their own body weight and gravity. The day was a tremendous success, and led to a greater awareness of STEM skills within the curriculum.


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