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Students showcase art work at the Saatchi Art Gallery

14th July 2017

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In June our Year 9 students exhibited their incredible collection of work at the Saatchi Gallery. Yenitha in 9P writes:

“I had a great time working with artist Alice Wilson and the Saatchi Gallery; we focused on the topic ‘Inclusion’ and created art work based on the topic. For the first workshop we went to the Saatchi Gallery and created huge posters, in groups, on what we thought inclusion is and what we like about it.

During this program, Alice came to our school and we created a piece in groups out of our body parts. We drew out parts of our body, cut them out, then painted them blue and another colour of our choice. We then put the body parts together, creating figurative sculptures in response to inclusion.

Alice visited Park View again and we created clay and plaster work, as ‘monuments to the self’. This work, along with the body work, was then to have its own exhibition in Saatchi Gallery in celebration of the theme ‘inclusion’ and the artists workshops.

Park View students visited the Saatchi Gallery to see our work on display to the public.

The following day I took my family to the Saatchi Gallery to see all the art work that was produced and they loved it!”

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