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Park View Year 10 Take A Look into Further Education

31st July 2018

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On Wednesday 4th July, after a productive week in work experience, all Year 10 students from Park View went on a visit to Haringey Sixth Form College. The aim of the day was to provide an insight into further education and the wide range of options available to students once they have complete their Year 11 studies. Haringey Sixth Form College is a local education provider with a very progressive and positive outlook. As a Haringey based college, it plays a key role in the future development of many of Park View students.

It was an eventful day, the college provided a useful insight for all Year 10 students, where they learnt about many potential options ahead. They attended at least six different tasters throughout the day, which included a variety of BTEC and A level subjects.

The sessions were engaging and interactive and students were kept on their toes as they learnt about future study options. Haringey Sixth Form College staff were on hand for Park View students to ask them some searching questions.

Overall, the day turned out to be a success – here are some of the things students said they enjoyed about the day:

“Throughout the day the activities helped me realise what a sixth form college life and experience would be like”

“The Science laboratories activities were really engaging and I learnt new facts about human biology that were fascinating!”

“The sports activities were enjoyable and fun and the staff were really helpful”

“By doing all the different tasters I gained a variety of knowledge and experience of college life to help me in making my future decisions”


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