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Middlesex University visit

29th November 2019

The Careers department in partnership with the IntoUniversity programme led an aspiration trip to Middlesex University. Twenty-two Year 9 students had the opportunity to learn about university life by question and answer sessions with the undergraduates as well as interactive workshops. The scheme is specifically designed to help students build confidence and think about future education and student life in university.
Many of the students had not been to a university before and so the shock and awe of seeing the university’s vast flagship - Hendon campus, was something that they will remember for the future.
The initial Courses Quiz activity was designed to get individuals thinking about the wide variety of courses available at university level. Park View students were amazed to learn that there are more than 20,000 courses - a course to suit everyone’s skills and abilities in whichever discipline they choose.
Students took part in an interactive workshop delivered by university students, which was designed to provide students with an understanding of misconceptions about higher education. Park View students teamed up with the university’s undergraduates to help give some real life examples of university student profiles.
Students then completed a campus quest, where they had to put all of their detective and exploration skills to use, searching for clues to complete a hunt right across the campus. The team with the highest score won a small prize. By exploring old and new buildings, student facilities and subject departments, Park View students gained a real impression of university life.


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