The Park View Mathematics Department continues to develop & improve its curriculum over time to meet the demands of the New National Curriculum in Mathematics. This has been an exciting on-going process that caters for all our PV Learners. It encourages students to apply their mathematical skills in a variety of contexts and uses an investigative approach to learning. This aligns well with the key PV Learner skills: Independent Enquirer/Creative Thinker/Reflective Learner/Team Worker/Self Manager & Effective Participator.  

To support this the Department provides a mixture of learning activities independently, or in groups, that strive to engage and motivate all learners. The teaching is very well supported by the ICT resources & on-line assessments tools. All classrooms are equipped with electronic white boards with the aim of making learning enjoyable through the use of a variety of teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles.

Starting on entry to the school in Year 7, students are taught in ability setting based on their Key Stage 2 data & CAT’s scores (Cognitive Ability Tests). The setting is continuously subjected to review to allow progression between sets accordingly. Able students are automatically entered into the UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) challenge competition. This will further enhance their enthusiasm to pursue Mathematics at University. This fits very well with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) agenda with a strong emphasis on Number Skills, Algebraic and Geometrical Reasoning & Statistical Understanding.


At GCSE the students are given every opportunity to achieve their target grade by the end of a course that is engaging and very challenging. During the course students are assessed systematically to close the gaps in their overall leaning through Diagnosis, Therapy & Testing on a cyclic and on-going process. The final year of the course focuses on exam technique giving students all the tools necessary to achieve their full potential in the final exams. To ensure students complete the course successfully we have extremely high expectations that start from Year 7. Students must ensure they meet deadlines, complete all homework and remain focused in class to produce excellent independent work if they are to succeed at GCSE.

From 2017 the examinations are changing and students will be assessed through three papers with a new grading system 1 to 9 (9 being the highest). There are two tiers of entry, Higher & Foundation. The Foundation tier will cover grades 1 to 5. The Higher tier will cover grades 4 to 9. There is a much greater emphasis on problem solving through drawing together varied mathematical skills and this will be reflected in the classroom. Problem solving skills are valued highly by employers and will also prepare students well for A-Level Mathematics and University.   

Exam structure:

Paper 1: Non-Calculator (1½ hours)

Paper 2: Calculator (1½ hours)

Paper 3: Calculator (1½ hours)