Design and Technology

Design and Technology comprises Resistant Materials, giving students the opportunity to work with wood, metal and plastic; Food, where students learn about planning and cooking healthy and nourishing meals and Textiles where students work with fabrics, threads and dyes.

At Key Stage 3 students have 2 lessons every fortnight. Park View Design and Technology works on a carousel system, enabling all students to experience 3 different subject strands per year, gaining practical experience of working with a variety of materials and equipment. Lessons are largely practical and students are encouraged to work independently to develop both their practical and literacy skills in this subject.  

At Key Stage 4 students can choose from Product Design, Graphics Communication, Art Textiles or WJEC Catering GCSE. All these subjects are an excellent choice for students who are creative and enjoy practical work. Students can choose from a range of different projects for their actual GCSE coursework: Projects can include wooden furniture, storage items and toys in Product Design and wall hangings, accessories and soft sculpture in Art Textiles. Graphics communication prepares students for working in digital industry. Catering is an excellent foundation for working in the Hospitality Industry, teaching students valuable life and employment skills within this sector.

Both Product Design and Catering courses have an exam component which is worth 40% of the total mark. Coursework is worth 60% of the total and includes a research and design folder as well as a finished product each of which is worth about 30% of the marks. The Art Textiles GCSE is project based, with students developing their ideas through the guided use of sketch books. The exam is practical and requires students to interpret and develop ideas from an externally set theme prior to the exam and produce an outcome within the 10 hours of the actual exam. Graphics communication is a 2-year course, which is all course work base, with a 10-hour practical exam.