GCSE Dance

Exam board: AQA

Course Outline:


- 60% practical

- 40% written

- 60% non-examined assessment (NEA) – Ofqual regulation for GCSE Dance.


The course consists of two components:

Component 1- All practical work: Performance and choreography (60%) –

• Performance in a duet/trio (3 to 5 mins)

• Performance - Solo Performance (x2 30-second set pieces)

• Choreography- students own choreography (2.30 minutes long).


Component 2- All Theory: Dance appreciation (40%)

Written examination at the end of Yr 11 - (1½ hrs)

There are three sections to the written paper:

Section A: knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes. Questions will relate to a given stimulus or starting point.

Section B: critical appreciation of own work. Questions will relate to students’ own experience of performance, or choreography or both within the course.

Section C: critical appreciation of professional works. Students will answer questions relating to six GCSE Dance anthologies.


1-9 Grade

Guidance on new grading system 1-9 on AQA, Ofqual/DfE websites