Attendance and Punctuality

Outstanding attendance and punctuality is an expectation of all of our ‘Park View Learners’.

Nationally, poor attendance to school is one of the main causes of a lack of student progress and under-achievement.

At Park View, outstanding attendance and punctuality are celebrated on a weekly and termly basis. The school, our parents and the students themselves all have an important role to play in ensuring attendance and punctuality remain high.

If your child is absent from school for any reason please call: 0208 8881722 or email

Students are encouraged to monitor their own attendance and know what colour coded band they belong to. All students should aim to be in our green and blue bands.

We will inform you via letter when your child moves from one band to another.

If your child is absent and the school hasn’t been notified you will be sent a text message or email.  You may be called by someone in the pastoral team, our Attendance & Educational Welfare Officer (EWO.)

Attendance & Punctuality 2016-17






Additional Action


Record weekly attendance in planer


Checked by Form Tutor

For all students letters or emails will be sent to their parents/carers to confirm movement between the bands.


Year team praise & reward


Form Tutor, Head of Year and SLT

End of term certificate & prize draw entry

Parents notified in writing at the end of each term

96% - 99.9%

Year team praise & reward

Form tutor & Head of Year

Entered for reward prize draw

90.01% - 95.99%

Tutor conversation 


Attendance meeting with student & parents




Phone call home if student remains on yellow from YTD

Attendance report to tutor/HoY

Reviewed half termly

< 90%

Attendance meeting with parents

Fast track letter 1

Meeting with parents

Home visit





If no improvement fast track letter 2


If no further improvement court action may follow


Student Absence

Park View reserves the right not to authorise absence where there is no evidence of a suitable reason for your child to be missing school.

Please note that students who are in our red band will be required to provide medical evidence for absences of any length. Absences for other reason may not be authorised.


Type of Absence




Term Time Holidays

These will not be authorised

Referral to EWO: Fixed penalty notice is likely


Religious observance

1 additional day permitted during the academic year


Notice should be given in advance

Students must catch up on any work missed.



Family bereavement

The length of authorised absence will be assessed on a case by base basis

Please notify the school with expected return date

Additional emotional support or counselling offered to student as required



Pastoral team


If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days due to sickness an appointment card or letter from a doctor should be provided to the school

Parent/carer to notify school on first day of absence

Continue to notify after 3 days to update on expected return date


Medical appointment

We discourage these during school hours

Where this is unavoidable, please provide a copy of the appointment letter/card

Copy of appointment card or letter


Other offsite appointment

E.g. interview for college placement


Advanced notice must be given with copy of appointment/interview time


Special consideration

Any other exceptional circumstance

Make an application in writing to the Headteacher