Whole School Numeracy

The importance of numeracy across the curriculum

Strengthening numeracy across the curriculum benefits students. They develop confidence and proficiency in numerical skills as well as the wider use and application of mathematics. It will strengthen the school’s attainment at GCSE in maths, science and other subjects.

What is numeracy?

Numeracy is a fundamental life skill that is needed in many facets of everyday life - personal, leisure, social and work - in order for people to lead a confident and fulfilling life in school and beyond. Numeracy needs to be seen as a practical capability that enables learners to apply their skills and knowledge to solve problems in a whole range of contexts across school and in real life. Across our curriculum we approach numeracy from a life skill perspective as well as improve the general mathematic ability of our students.

The aims of our cross curricular numeracy activities are:

·         To develop and improve standards in numeracy across the school for all our students

·         To establish and maintain consistency of practice across the maths team when approaching the main themes of maths and numeracy

·         To identify and support areas for collaboration between subjects in particular when teaching aspects of subjects that involve maths and numerical skills

·         To assist the transfer of students’ knowledge, skills and understanding between subjects. Initially we focus on KS3 in order that students have the necessary numeracy skills for all their GCSE studies at KS4.

What is meant by cross curricular numeracy activities?

Our numeracy coordinator meets regularly with other subject leaders to discuss the numeracy elements within their specialism and ensures that all mathematical concepts and numeracy skills are taught in a consistent way. Subject teachers have a standard resource of a numeracy mat that they can use in lesson times to help the students recognise a transferable numeracy skill. Cross curricular projects occur each year with 2 or more subjects who identify common themes and use numeracy and maths as part of the project. Problem solving is an increasingly important skill and one that is needed in many subjects. This is a central theme of the maths curriculum and the team are working with others in the school to help build this learning into many other areas fo the school.

What support can my child expect if they have poor numeracy skills?

·         From September 2015 all year groups will have smaller class sizes due to an increase in Maths teaching groups, this will support in reducing the teacher student ratio and increasing teacher student interaction time.

·         Students who arrive at Park View with a national curriculum level below level 4 will be provided with extra numeracy tutoring during morning registration times as well as withdrawal during normal maths lesson times to receive booster sessions in small group work with a teacher (no more than 1 to 8)

·         Regular assessment and feedback in order to check on the accelerated progress of the students with the extra interventions


Whole School Numeracy Policy