Community Languages at Park View

At Park View School, 74% of our students speak English as an additional language. There are over 35 different languages spoken and students who can read, write, speak and understand a community language are encouraged to complete a GCSE.

Community Languages are languages spoken by members of minority groups or communities. Some of these are languages which have been used for hundreds of years in Britain, others are of more recent origin.

The languages included in the Community Languages GCSE exams are:

•        Portuguese

•        Turkish

•        Urdu

•        Arabic

•        Russian

•        Spanish

•        Persian

•        German

•        French

•        Panjabi

•        Bengali

•        Dutch

•        Polish

•        Greek

•        Italian

•        Chinese

•        Gujarati

Last year, Park View students in Years 10 and 11 achieved the following GCSE results, just by passing an exam in their first language:

• 14 A*s

• 15 As

• 9 Bs

• 2 Cs

Park View implements provisions and staff to help students achieve an extra qualification. Some advantages of having an extra qualification include securing a place at a better college, generating a better income and more job opportunities. 

The EMA (Ethnic Minority Achievement) department hold a language Revision Club once a week where students can revise and practise past exam papers.