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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Park View spends the Year 7 catch-up premium for literacy and numeracy on a range of strategies to boost students’ attainment.


  • Smaller ‘booster group’ in English for students who are below national average on entry to secondary school
  • The ‘Lexia’ computer-based reading programme to increase the reading ages of Year 7 students
  • The TLR of our literacy coordinator, who works to improve literacy across the curriculum at a whole school level as well as leading on specific literacy interventions


At Park View we teach maths in mixed attainment classes. We do this to ensure that there are no limits placed on any child's learning and that all children experience rich mathematics lessons and engage with tasks and activities that provide them with opportunities to solve problems and reason mathematically. We do not label our students by placing them in ‘sets’ as we believe that all pupils have the potential to be successful in mathematics.

Each lesson pupils are provided with a range of tasks at different levels of difficulty. These are mapped to specific skills on the Progress Map. We encourage pupils to select their own task and guide them how to do this through our ‘Do Now’ activities and class discussions. Teachers monitor task choice and redirect pupils who have chosen inappropriately. Pupils track their progress over a unit of work by ticking and dating their Progress Map. Pupils are also able to choose their homework task on Hegarty Maths by referring to their Progress Map. This means that all pupils can work through the unit of work at the right pace for them.

Our model of teaching ensures that no pupils are unfairly advantaged over others. We make certain that our disadvantaged and vulnerable students are fairly represented in extra curricula and enrichment activities. We also provide our disadvantaged and vulnerable students with in class intervention, with class teachers providing extra attention, support and guidance for pupils during their lessons when necessary.

Further in class support is provided for students for whom English is as an additional language by the EMA team and for pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties by the SEND team. Pupils who have very little or no English are withdrawn from their mainstream maths lessons for a period of time and receive numeracy lessons as part of their ‘Immersion’ timetable. These pupils are then supported in their mainstream maths lessons once their English has improved enough for them to leave the ‘Immersion’ class. In years 9 and 10 new EAL arrivals also receive numeracy lesson within the EMA department in addition to their mainstream Maths lessons. For students with Specific Learning Difficulties, extra in class support is provided by specialist teaching assistants.

We support Pupil Premium students to participate in Further Maths by providing free text books. We also support Pupil Premium students to access the Hegarty Maths website by providing a free login for all students and opening a Maths classroom at lunchtime so that pupils without internet access at home can use the school laptops.

We have an Academic Coach from the LEA who works at Park View every Friday with targeted Pupil Premium students in years 9, 10 and 11. The role of the Academic Coach is to help and challenge students to reach their full potential in Maths, building confidence, and improving attainment for students who want to study Maths further at LAET or other colleges. 

Each unit of work pupils are introduced to the global history of a topic, so that they can see how mathematical ideas developed across the world and learn about famous mathematicians from a range of different cultures and countries. We also ensure that each topic is linked to its ‘real life’ applications so that our pupils can see the relevance and importance of the subject.