Design & Technology

Design and Technology, gives students the opportunity to work with wood, metal, plastics and textiles. We aim to offer our students a range of experiences delivered though an exciting curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 students have two lessons every fortnight. Design and Technology enables all students to experience three different subject strands per year, gaining practical experience of working with a variety of materials and equipment. Each term students will experience a textile project, 3D Design project and a Graphics design project. Lessons are largely practical and students are encouraged to work independently to develop both their practical and literacy skills in this subject.

At Key Stage 4 students can choose from 3D Design and Graphics Communication. All subjects are an excellent choice for students who are creative and enjoy practical work. Students can choose from a range of different projects for their actual GCSE coursework: Projects can include; Sculpture, ceramics, product design, jewelry and body adornment and in Graphics communication, interior design, design for print, advertising and branding, illustration, package design, typography and interactive design

Both 3D Design and Graphic communication have a coursework work unit worth 60% of the total GCSE grade and an exam unit, which is 40% of the overall GCSE grade. The exam is practical and requires students to interpret and develop ideas from an externally set theme prior to the exam and produce an outcome within the 10 hours of the actual exam. All courses are over a 2-year period.

D&T Curriculum Overview