Design & Technology

Design and Technology, gives students the opportunity to work with wood, metal, plastics and textiles. We aim to offer our students a range of experiences delivered though an exciting curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 students have two lessons every fortnight. Design and Technology enables all students to experience three different subject strands per year, gaining practical experience of working with a variety of materials and equipment. Each term students will experience a textile project, 3D Design project and a Graphics design project. Lessons are largely practical and students are encouraged to work independently to develop both their practical and literacy skills in this subject.

At Key Stage 4 students can choose from 3D Design and Graphics Communication. All subjects are an excellent choice for students who are creative and enjoy practical work. Students can choose from a range of different projects for their actual GCSE coursework: Projects can include; Sculpture, ceramics, product design, jewelry and body adornment and in Graphics communication, interior design, design for print, advertising and branding, illustration, package design, typography and interactive design

Both 3D Design and Graphic communication have a coursework work unit worth 60% of the total GCSE grade and an exam unit, which is 40% of the overall GCSE grade. The exam is practical and requires students to interpret and develop ideas from an externally set theme prior to the exam and produce an outcome within the 10 hours of the actual exam. All courses are over a 2-year period.

Design Technology Curriculum Overview

Year 7 Autumn 1/AUTUMN 2 sPRING 1/ sPRING 2 Summer 1/ Summer 2
Topic Pewter Keyring Natural Form Paper Engineer
  1. Skill development tasks.  Measure and cut out card/corrugated card shapes using scissors, coping saw, scroll saw and pillar drill to drill holes (Practical)
  2. Pewter keyring outcome (Practical)
  1. Design idea for a print that has been inspired by research and artists work (Design)
  2. Polyprint on Calico with embellishment (Practical)
  1. Pull tab design and outcome (Design)
  2. Net character design/outcome, use of colour (Design)
Extended Learning

1. Health & Safety Poster

2. Tools & Equipment

3. Research Materials

4. Themes & Ideas

5. Finishing Techniques

1. Research project theme-Mood board

2. Natural form observational drawings

3. Collage

4. Pattern & Print

5. Artist Research Page

1. Robert Sabuda research & Pop up example

2. Tools & Equipment

3. Character drawing/illustrations

4. Creative lettering

5. Children's book cover
Year 8 Autumn 1 /Autumn 2 Winter 1 / Winter 2 Summer 1 / Summer 2
Topic Clock Day of the Dead Graphics
  1. Skill development tasks.  A series of set tasks that focus on using the basic tools in 2D Design i.e measuring, drawing, shape tools (Practical)
  2. MDF Clock outcome.  Focusing on the quality of surface decorations use of acrylic paint (Practical)
  1. Skill development tasks.  Calico sewn examples demonstrating a running, cross, overcast and back stitch (Practical)
  2. Sugar skull design page inspired by personal research (Design)
  3. Day of the dead Felt outcome with embellishments and applique (Practical)
  1. One/two point perspective city with detail and rendering  I.e windows, doors, textures, materials (Design)
  2. Photoshop edited design of a Banksy inspired image (Digital Design)
Extended Learning
  1. Observational drawings
  2. Personal photographs
  3. Artist research and response
  4. Materials-Wood and tools
  5. Materials-Clay, tools & techniques
  1. Mood board-project theme
  2. Artist research
  3. Designing for others
  4. Understanding Fabrics & care labels

1. 1 Point Perspective drawing

2. 2 Point Perspective drawing

3. Research Artists.  Do Ho Suh & Leandro E

4. 1 point perspective

5.  Artist research-Banksy

Year 9 Autumn 1/ Autumn 2 Winter 1/ Winter 2 Summer 1/Summer 2
Topic Ball Bearing Art Deco I am Acrylic
  1. Design ideas for the base of the Ball bearing game inspired by artist research (Design)
  2. Quality of final ball bearing outcome made from MDF and thermoplastics (polypropylene, acrylic)
  1. Personal Art Deco designs influenced by own research (Design)
  2. Final outcome, 2D Design Art Deco style Tea light cut out on the laser cutter, made from MDF wood (Practical)
  1. Design response to ‘I Am acrylic’ research (Design)
  2. Quality of finished acrylic outcome (Practical)
Extended Learning

1. Health & Safety

2. Tools & Equipment

3. Artist research

4. Materials-Plastics

5. Packaging design

1. Design Movement timeline

2. Design Movement-personal choice

3. Artist/Design research Page

4. Mood board

5. Isometric drawing task

1. Company research-Brand & existing products

2. Client, Target audience

3. Drawing task-simplify & sketch

4. Materials-Card & Plastic

5. Poster-Advertise final product

Year 10

3D  Projects options (TEACHER'S choice)

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Winter 1 Winter 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic Lion King Lion King Architecture Architecture
Assessment A range of different observational drawing of African animals featured in the production of the Lion King. Students need to use a range of different materials to show recordings. Students produce their own individual 3D mask inspired by different artist/designers. Students have used a range of materials, experimented with different medias in response to their research.  Students use this foundation of work to create a personal final Drawing and designs of buildings using a range of different materials/medias.  Create a 3D card Marquette that looks like the building or architects' work. This can be hand made or cut out on the laser. Independent personal response based on research. To create a 3D building/outcome

Year 10

3D-Project Options (teachTEACHER'Sce)

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Winter 1 Winter 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Identity/All about Me

Identity/All about Me
  1. A range of observational drawings showing evidence of different media linked to project topic ‘Food & drink’.  (Design)
  1. To explore with a range of materials, experiment with different medias in response to their research. (Design and Practical)
  1. Students produce 3D outcomes linked/inspired by research i.e keyrings, phone holder, puzzle, mobile hanging, clock (Practical
  1. Portraiture outcomes in response to artist research.  This will include Gary Humes, Craig Redman and at least 1 personal choice (Design and or practical). 
  1. To produce a corrugated model and clay outcome in the style of Kimmy Caterall (Practical)
  1. To produce sketch book pages in response to research/inspiration from London/Museum/Gallery visit.  This will include personal photographs, observational drawings and written reflection (Design & Evaluation)
Extended Learning

Mood boards

20+ Quality photos linked to project theme

Observational, tonal drawings

Artist/ designer research linked to theme

2nd Artist research linked to theme

Development of ideas

Reflection & Annotations

Development and explore ideas

Refine ideas

Artist research to support development

Write up of a school trip

Musuem visit double page

Annotation and evaluation of book work.

Develop & refine ideas

Document process and write up

Annotation and evaluation of book work.

Mind map

Imagery/photos-face, key features

Refine tonal drawings-Key features

Facial tonal drawings

Gary Hume research page

Craig Redman research Page

Personal photos-self, family & friends

Artist research personal choice

Development of ideas

Reflection & Annotations


Imagery/photos of human figure & silhouette

Observation drawings

Refined Drawings

Development of ideas

Reflection & Annotations

My environment photos

Observational drawings

Yoni Alter artist research

Personal choice artist

Write up of a school trip, Museum visit

Annotation and evaluation of book work.

Year 11 Autumn 1/Autumn 2 Winter 1/ Winter 2 Summer 1/ Summer 2
Topic Enhance and finalise coursework projects from Y10 Exam-Set by the exam board  
  1. Mock Exam: 10hrs.  Produce a final outcome within the 2 day mock for at least one of their Y10 projects (Practical)

Final coursework sketchbooks.  2x completed projects (Design, Practical & Evaluation)

GCSE Exam:

  1. Body of work within the students Sketch book. (Designs, Practical & Evaluation)

10hrs to produce a 3D outcome in response to exam project research and developed ideas (Practical)

Extended Learning

1. Develop & refine

2. Annotate and evaluation 

1. Develop & refine

2. Annotate and evaluation