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Bsafe Team

The aim of BSafe is to support students who report bullying by resolving issues quickly through a structured process and then helping them connect with the collective Park View community - whether that be through extra-curricular activities, a safe space to discuss their experiences and make friends, or through any of the many enrichment opportunities offered at the school. 

BSafe also aims to work closely with students who are bullying to change their behaviour in the short and long term and also build their investment in the school environment. The frameworks offered by Nonviolent Communication offer a useful, practical starting point for discussions with students both doing and experiencing bullying.

The BSafe team is run by Mr Shield and student representatives across year groups. We take an intersectional approach to tackling bullying and run education projects on bullying that are feminist, anti-racist, pro-disability rights and expression, and pro-LGBTQ* rights and expression. 

Any parent or student who is concerned about bullying at the school is encouraged to email