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Ofsted Report


We are delighted to share our latest Ofsted report and inform you that once again, Ofsted has rated our school as 'Good' in all areas. It is also worth pointing out that this inspection was carried out under their new 'EIF' framework, which is significantly more challenging than our inspection that took place in 2017.  

The feedback we received from both families and staff was incredibly positive and really supported this excellent outcome. This outcome is a strong validation of the great work that happens at Park View every day in the best interests of our pupils. 

Ofsted Report 2023

Some key findings from the inspection:

  • The working relationships between adults and pupils are incredibly respectful
  • Pupils typically follow an ambitious and well planned curriculum
  • Subject content is usually well sequenced so that pupils revisit, embed and apply their understanding in different contexts
  • Leaders have recently introduced a programme to help pupils who need to catch up in reading. As a result, pupils read with greater fluency, independence and confidence over time
  • Pupils feel safe at school and know who to report concerns to

Ofsted Report 2017

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