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We are continually focussing on developing all of our students’ “Park View Learner” skills; one of these skills is to become a self-manager.

We believe that it is an essential part of the ethos and discipline structure that all students in Years 7 to 11 manage the way in which they present themselves and comply with the school uniform requirements. We are very proud of our community at Park View and want all our young people to show that they are too, by wearing our uniform with pride.

We have noticed that a small minority of students are not complying with our very high expectations in terms of the uniform and it would be greatly appreciated if you would support us by ensuring your child adheres to the school’s uniform policy.

The school uniform requirements have been provided below for your reference (examples can be seen below):

Hair Colour

Hair should only be a colour or style that looks natural and would be conducive to a professional working environment. Where this is disputed the Headteacher will make the final decision.

Compulsory items - every student must have these items every day.

  • Black Park View blazer - these must be worn while pupils are moving around the site unless otherwise instructed by school leadership.
  • Black skirt or smart black trousers (tracksuits, leggings and jeans are not permitted. Skirt must be deemed an approprite length)
  • Black shoes or smart fully plain black trainers
  • White collared shirt with top button fastened
  • House tie (covering at least 6 buttons, including the top button)
  • School bag (big enough to carry A4-sized books)
  • School ID card and lanyard

Optional item

  • Park View branded V-neck jumper (not to be worn without a blazer)

Uniform restrictions

If a student fails to meet these expectations parents will be contacted and they may be sent home to change (with the permission of the Headteacher)

  • Coats, hats, scarves and gloves must not be worn inside school buildings, with the exception of 'The Street' area until after 3.20pm every day.
  • Hoods are not permitted to be worn anywhere on the school site at anytime.
  • Fashion belts or bandanas are not permitted on site, except those of religious significance.
  • Hair bands should be plain black or dark blue.
  • Head scarves (worn only for religious reasons) must be plain black or navy blue.
  • Tights must be flesh coloured, neutral or plain black.
  • Any other items of clothing are not permitted including hooded tops and cardigans
  • Hooded tops, baseball caps and non-uniform cardigans are not permitted anywhere on the school site. If worn these items will be confiscated. 
  • Jewellery and make up should be kept to a minimum and not be obtrusive. Large earrings are not permitted; only single studs may be worn. Piercings are only permitted in ears, or a single small stud in noses. Nose rings must not be worn.
  • Coloured nail varnish or imitation nails must not be worn at any time; students will be sent to Student Services to have these removed and parents will be informed. Where necessary students will be sent home to resolve the issue.

PE Kit

Students are expected to wear the correct kit for all their PE lessons and sporting fixtures.

  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers (not school shoes)
  • All pupils who do not have the correct kit should bring another sports kit but must have a note (in planner) to explain the reasons why, signed and dated by a parent/carer.
  • All pupils who do not have a PE kit will be given a detention with their teacher. Repeat offenders will result in futher detentions with the Head of Department and/or SLT.

Uniform Shops

Divine Solutions Schoolwear Ltd.

3 Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London, N17 0TA

020 8216 9113

Uniform Prices

Uniform - Me

136 West Green Road, London, N15 5AD

020 8800 8909

Uniform Prices