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UK's most Senior Black Officer visits PV

16th December 2021

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Dr. Alison Heydari was a special guest to Park View early this term, with the Commander talking to Year 9 students about her policing journey and what it is like to be the most senior female Black police officer in the UK.
Her presentation touched on her Guyanese roots, family values and upbringing in South London. The Commander also explained the great responsibility that comes with her leadership role and the many people who look to her for guidance on various topics.
Following the session Dr Heydari spoke to a smaller group of Year 9 female students on female leadership and achievement. The Year 9 girls had an abundance of rich questions, steering the conversation in interesting and challenging ways. They raised discussion of domestic abuse, public sexual harassment, mental health and whether people from minority backgrounds faced any hostility from their community when deciding to be an officer.
Commander Dr Heydari did reflect on her personal challenges, detailing a time she had faced racism in her job from a member of the public who was then arrested for it. This developed into a thoughtful conversation about institutional racism and the provisions in place to combat them.
The Year 9 students involved were wonderful. It was a great learning experience for students and opened their eyes to multitude of interesting pathways in the police force and the value of wider representation in the metropolitan police, with several students expressing that they would be keen to pursue a career in this field.


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