Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies 

Course Outline

Media Studies is a popular, up-to-date two-year course at Park View, available as an option from Year 10.  The media has been a powerful social, artistic and political tool for many decades and we utilise and consume it more than ever before.  This course will give students the opportunity to explore the range of media across time periods. It teaches students to critically understand how and why it is created, consider how they can be manipulated by it and enable students to create their own media texts. It covers a range of media from 1950s poster advertising to modern day vlogging and television.

Examination Board: AQA


Coursework (30%): Students create a vlogging persona: this includes a website and short video clip.

Two Papers – 1 hr 30 minutes (70%): Students must explain and analyse how media texts construct narratives, represent different demographics, engage and influence audiences and are produced by various media industries. Students must explain how texts reflect the historical and cultural periods in which they were made and critically evaluate texts, giving their own thoughts and opinions on them.

Examples of Set Texts:    

Television: First Episode of Dr Who (1963)      Dr Who spin off: Class  (2017)

Magazines: Reveal magazine & Tatler magazine

Newspapers: The Daily Mirror Front Page & The Time Front Page    (2017)

Computer Games: Lara Croft Go (2016) & Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Film: I, Daniel Blake & Dr. Strange

Advertisements: 1955 OMO advert, Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Chocolate ad, NHS Give Blood campaign: Represent feat. Lady Leshurr


Students may progress to A Level Media Studies or BTEC in Media Studies, Creative Media or Creative Media Production, all of which could lead you to take a creative degree at University and beyond. 

How will this course help me with a career?

There are many jobs and careers which involve media studies – some more directly than others.  You could work in creative media, marketing, public relations, advertising, television, film, theatre, publishing, editing, lighting designer, animator, teacher, photographer, fashion and many more!