Park View is a mixed comprehensive school for children in Year Groups 7 to 11 (standard age range is 11 to 16 years)

Allocation of student places at Park View School is handled by the Haringey Local Education Authority in line with the Council Admissions Policy contained in the Haringey Secondary Prospectus.

Most of our children transfer from primary school at 11 years of age. However, some children do join the school mid-year and at later points during their secondary school education. When children are allocated a place at the school we liaise directly with the family to find out more details about the child(ren) joining the school and set things up for a smooth start.

If you live in Haringey, you must apply through Haringey website under secondary school admissions, click here to access the Haringey website to apply for Park View.

Please follow the links below for more information about Park View School:

> Virtual Taster Day 

> What Makes Us Park View?

Key Dates

Date What will happen?
1 September 2021 Applications Open
31 October 2021 Application Deadline
1 March 2022

Offer day/online outcome

Online applicants will receive notification of their offer in email

Paper applicants will be sent an offer letter

15 March 2022 Acceptance deadline - online applicants should accept their offer online
1 April 2022 Appeal Deadline