Inclusion Faculty

The Inclusion Faculty is made up of two specialist teams: the Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) departments. The EMA HoD and the SENDCO work closely with the Head of faculty, the SLT link for Inclusion as well as the wider Inclusion team at Park View. 


Park View is an inclusive school where students have equal opportunities to fulfil their full potential in all aspects of their development, regardless of their type of additional need. 

One of the main aims of the Inclusion Faculty is to train subject staff on effective differentiation strategies (Wave 1 teaching) so that:

• All teachers are teachers of students with SEND and EAL: teaching such students is therefore a whole school responsibility

• All curriculum teams are expected to regularly review their resources, practice and support for students with SEND and EAL

Students with Additional Needs catered for within the Inclusion Faculty:

  • English as an Additional Language at early stages of English language acquisition (A – C Proficiency in English)
  • More advanced underachieving ethnic minority (D – E Proficiency in English)
  • Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

The policy for additional needs pupils is a fundamental part of the Equal Opportunities philosophy of the school and underpins all teaching and learning within the school:

• Providing equality of opportunity for all students with additional needs

• Developing and promoting understanding, respect and tolerance amongst all students

• Providing access to the curriculum so that all additional needs students can achieve their potential

• Equipping all additional needs students with knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to become responsible citizens within the community

• Enabling all additional needs students to achieve the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour

           • Enabling additional needs students to contribute to and take increasing responsibility for their own learning


Partnerships - A Whole School Approach

All staff have the responsibility to cater for the needs of all the students in their care. This necessitates high levels of communication between the Inclusion Faculty, the rest of the Inclusion Team, outside agencies and other internal staff as additional needs students require holistic support both pastorally and academically.

SCBL meetings (Significant and Complex Barriers to Learning) are held regularly to discuss and plan for the individual needs of our most vulnerable students. SCBL meetings are attended by staff drawn from the Inclusion Faculty, Inclusion Team and Pastoral Team. Additional strategy meetings are held with representatives from outside agencies, the family and key members of staff linked with the students.

Examples of members working in partnership with the Inclusion faculty:

• Deputy Head teacher in charge of Inclusion

• Reading Scheme Coordinator

• Safeguarding representatives

• CAMHS representatives

• Educational Psychologist

• Social Worker

• Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

• SEBD Coordinator