House System



In Park View School, there are four Houses which are OAK, ELM, CEDAR and MAPLE. All staff and students are assigned to a specific House when they join the school. Everyone in Park View School is involved in representing their house and this is demonstrated in different ways.

From wearing the correct uniform, raising money for charities, learning new skills, building confidence of peers to proudly wearing the House ties. These are some of the best practice that we foster at Park View School. There is an even spread of Academic, Sports, Arts, Musical and Leadership abilities within our house system.

The houses were named suitably based on the ethos and essence of Park View School. Oak, Elm, Cedar and Maple trees are strong, adaptive, and resilient with very deep roots. These fantastic qualities reflect the members of our school community in one form or another.

The Houses are made up of the form groups as follows:

Oak       P & V

Elm        A & I

Cedar    R & E

Maple    K & W


There is an application process to become a House Captain. The House Captains participate in organising, promoting and running events. House Captains have regular meetings, give information and announcement and work with teachers and students to ensure that the essence of all the houses is a prominent feature in the school community. 


When students start at Park View School, they will be assigned to a house and as such will be required to wear the tie designated to their house as part of their school uniform. The House Captains have special house ties with a crest of their houses so that they are easily recognisable.


The Houses are an important part of our community at Park View School and they form a focus of school life in many ways such as academic, social, sporting, leadership and responsibilities. Each House will be responsible for co-ordinating fund raising efforts to raise money for their nominated house charity. The Houses make banners and assist in the running of House events.

Assemblies are also used to bring students up to date on upcoming events, scores, encouragement of good practice and the presentation of awards.


Colour : Yellow

Symbol: This is based on intelligence and wisdom

Motto: Persevering and believing comes just before achieving

Charity: Noah's Ark children's hospice



Colour : Red

Symbol: This is based on communication and relationships

Motto: Limits only exists in our mind

Charity: CARIS Haringey



Colour : Blue

Symbol: This is based on tolerance and resilience

Motto: Together we aspire, together we achieve

Charity: Mind in Haringey



Colour : Green

Symbol: This is based on strength and endurance

Motto: Courage never fails

Charity: The trussell trust



House Competitions are run by subject departments and the House coordinators and contribute to the overall yearly winners by giving out House Points to the winners. We have competitions such as a Maths Challenge, a Spelling Bee, PE competitions, a Piñata competition, a Drama Competition and the amazing Park View Masterchef Challenge supported by our caterers Wilson Jones. The culmination is reached at Sports Day, where more points are won in each event, the overall house point total calculated and the winning House announced.


House Points are given out in each lesson as Achievement Points for attaining a level of success in Park View Learner Skills: Creative Learner, Self-Manager, Independent Learner, Reflective Learner, Participation and Team-working skills. Any negative behaviour points are taken away and the resulting Conduct Points count toward the House and the student rewards.


The ultimate prize is the House Reward. Each year, the four houses will compete for the prestigious House Reward. This changes each year and so far has been a banquet, a fun fair and trips. This prize is given to the House that accumulates the most points in various diverse competitions and by performing well in class. 


At Park View School, the House System supports our students and some of the ways this is achieved are:

•  Fostering respect, consideration and courtesy throughout the school community.

•  Encouraging positive self-esteem amongst students and promoting the values and ethos of the school community.

•  Providing opportunities to obtain the essential life skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing society.

•  Providing chances for equality of opportunities as well as encouragement so that students can realise their full potential.

• The promotion of student responsibilities, leadership skills and collaboration.

•  The development of students’ personal and social skills and well-being.

•  Ensuring our school is a school that Students, Parents, Staff, Governors and the Wider Community can be justly proud of.

At Park View School, our students are extremely proud and loyal to their House and the aim is that for many years to come, there will be healthy and positive competition between Houses.  The camaraderie and sense of community spirit amongst the four houses will inspire a feeling of identity and belonging.  


Students are given opportunities to acquire leadership, team management and business leadership skills by being House Leaders and being in House Teams.


House Captains meet with Head of the House Captains where they take minutes, discuss issues and actions from the last meeting, share and delegate tasks.


House Captains plan the assemblies and agree and develop fundraising activities for the Houses.