Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mr A Webster - Headteacher

Ms N Kojik - Associate Headteacher

Ms A Sarkar - Associate Headteacher & Lead DSL

Mr J Oladimeji - Assistant Headteacher 

Ms A Ferguson - Assistant Headteacher 

Ms S Cassidy - Assistant Headteacher (SENDCo)

Mr B Smart - Acting Assistant Head


Heads of Year

Year 7 - Mr C Hill

Year 8 - Ms P Gordon (Maternity Leave) Mr G Hussein

Year 9 - Mr N Truppin

Year 10 - Ms L Masson

Year 11 - Ms A Brown 


Deputy Head of Years

Year 7 -  Ms L Semakula / Mr R Ernest

Year 8 - Mr F Hussein

Year 9 - Mr E Gebremeskal 

Year 10 - Mr J Rowe   

Year 11 - Ismet Sumbul


Aspire Manager

Mr M Williams

Deputy Aspire Manager


Aspire Mentors

Ms K Malcolm

Ms H Baghdadi 

Ms K Ramsey

Ms R Green


Heads of Department/Faculty

Art & Design Technology - Ms L A'Court

Computing & ICT - Ms S Ali

Business & Enterpise - Mr C Hill

Dance - Ms S Malcolm (Maternity)

Drama - Ms R Darnell 

EMA - Ms R Ibrahim

English - Ms L Quinlan

Geography - Ms A Stavrou 

History  - Ms F Amreen

Inclusion  - Ms E Teskey

Languages - Ms Mare

Maths - Ms H Hindle

Music - Ms C Willis

PE- Mr B Sack

Performing Arts - Ms R Darnell 

PSHE, Citizenship & RS - Ms C Arias

Sociology - Mr S Harlow

Science – Ms N Abujuma

SENDCo - Ms S Cassidy


Maths Teachers

Mr L Hamam (Lead Practitioner)

Ms L Katan (2iC)

Mr S Mohamed

Ms N Gaoua

Mr A Mohamed 

Ms I Sapa

Mr N Mohammed

Ms G Rubinstein

Mr B Westerman

Mr A Jagger

Mr T Demir


English Teachers

Ms S Morgan (Lead Practitioner) (Maternity)

Ms E Taylor (2iC)

Ms N Kojik 

Ms M Fyffe-Locke

Mr G Hamer

Mr K Daly 

Ms C Ernest

Ms L Hiron

Mr P Depledge-Cleal

Mr M Munroe

Ms M Roberts

Ms M Ibrahim


Science Teachers

Mr I Goulas (Whole school STEM Coordination & Digital Resource Strategic Lead)

Mr S Bhakred

Ms A Brown

Ms P Gordon (Maternity)

Ms L King (Head of Biology)

Ms N Tang Wah (Head of Physics)

Ms D Deol

Ms G Short (Head of Chemistry)

Ms M Keating

Ms J Kular


Humanities Teachers

Dan Lyndon (Lead Practitioner)

Ms F Amreen(Head of History)

Ms A Stavrou (Head of Geography)

Mr S Harlow (Head of Sociology)

Mr N Truppin

Ms L Kurgo 

Ms A Nicolaou

Ms R Pathan

Ms S Lakhman

Ms A Phillips

Ms S Eastoe (PSHCE & Humanities)

Ms E Jeffreys (PSHCE & Humanities)

Mr P Czajkowski (PSHCE)

Ms O Bastien (PSHCE & Health and Social Care)


Art, Design & Technology Teachers

Ms L Masson

Mr O Price

Ms T Pavai


PE Teachers

Mr B Smart

Ms S Malcolm (Maternity Leave)

Ms C Heath

Mr J Ferrari

Mr A Kubilay

Mr J Oladimeji 


Business Studies & Computing Teachers

Mr C Hill

Ms S Ali

Mr T Elahi


Drama Teachers

Ms R Mathurasingh

Ms L Stewart

Music Teachers

Ms C Willis

Mr T Lumley


Modern Languages Teachers

Mr K Arthur

Ms B Oladeinde

Ms L Kambskard-Bennett


SEN / EMA Teachers

Ms N Petrova


Support Staff

PA to Headteachers & HR - Ms U Mehmet

Safeguarding Manager & DSL lead - Ms S Sobers

Office Administrator - Ms R Fernandes Dias

Data Manager – Mr M Esmail

Data/Exams Support & Admissions - Ms S Christou (Maternity) - Ms M Da Costa

Office Administrator – Ms P Charalambous

Office Administrator  - Ms M Villarraga

Curriculum Resources Manager – Ms Y Christofi 

Marketing and Communications Manager - Ms F Abujuma

Finance & Admin Officer - Ms S Mustafa

School Business Manager - Ms G Ladas

Facilities Manager - Mr B Calloo

Operations Manager - Ms A Christou

EWO & Attendance Officer - Mr S Joannou

Wellbeing & Interventions Manager - Ms S Aydemir

SEND/Inclusion Manager - Ms E Goss

LRC Manager - Ms C Foucher