Values & Ethos

Statement of Values and Ethos


Our Mission Statement describes the overall goal of the school.


 PV Pillars - final copy

The Park View Pillars are the values that permeate our curriculum.

Knowledge: Our pupils remember more. Our curriculum design makes it almost impossible to forget

Skills: We equip our pupils with the skills to navigate their learning and lives

Inclusivity: We have a curriculum for all

Cultural Diversity: Our curriculum is both a mirror and a window

Enrichment: Our curriculum is poverty proof

Ambition: We adopt a growth mindset in all that we do

Coherence & Cohesion: Our curriculum is coherent - it's a unified whole. Our curriculum is cohesive - it sticks together

Love of Learning: We value and live the benefits of education at Park View and beyond

These pillars guide our work as a school to ensure that all students, regardless of starting point, can aspire, achieve, and succeed.


Equality Objectives:

Park View's Equality Objectives are outlined in our Equal Opportunities Policy which can be found here: Equal Opportunities Policy