Values & Ethos

Our Mission Statement describes the overall goal of the school.


The Park View Pillars are the values that permeate our curriculum.

 PV Pillars - final copy

Knowledge: Our pupils remember more. Our curriculum design makes it almost impossible to forget

Skills: We equip our pupils with the skills to navigate their learning and lives

Inclusivity: We have a curriculum for all 

Cultural Diversity: Our curriculum is both a mirror and a window

Enrichment: Our curriculum is poverty proof

Ambition: We adopt a growth mind-set in all that we do

Coherence & Cohesion: Our curriculum is coherent - it's a unified whole. Our curriculum is cohesive - it sticks together

Love of Learning: We value and live the benefits of education at Park View and beyond


Empowering for the Future

1. Ensuring ‘Aspire ~ Achieve ~ Succeed’ is the reality for all

2. Taking pride in our school community on the part of students, parents and staff, building on our reputation for excellence.

3. Upholding a strong sense of tradition based on shared values that are embraced and celebrated within beyond the school.

4. Developing an inspirational team of staff across the school that is collaborative, dedicated and always seeking further improvement.

5. Delivering outstanding teaching so that all students make exceptional progress in every lesson, every day.

6. Fostering ‘Park View Learner’ skills, which empower students to take ownership of their education, providing the skills required for college, work and life.

7. Offering an outstanding curriculum that ensures every student makes exceptional progress by being rich, varied and rigorous in every aspect from years 7 to 11.

8. Promoting activities, partnerships and networks that make a real difference for our community and beyond.

9. Making rapid progress right from the start so that expectations for Year 7 are as high as for Year 11.


Public Sector Equality Duty 

Park View School maintains various school policies that exercises its functions for the following:

  • To eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the public sector equality duty
  • To ensure equality of opportunity between people who share and do not share relevant protected characteristics by:

        - Removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people

        - Meeting the needs of people with different characteristic needs

        - Encouraging people to participate in public life

        - Meeting the needs of disabilities

        - Tackling prejudice and promoting an understanding


The Governing Body of Park View school supports the values statement:

We are committed to embedding a proactive equal opportunities ethos across the organisation for all members of the school community and promoting fundamental British values. We recognise that the school has a key role to play in leading local efforts to promote community cohesion, tackling social exclusion and as a force for good in general.

-        Age,

-        Disability

-        Gender

-        Gender reassignment

-        Marriage and civil partnership

-        Pregnancy, maternity & paternity

-        Race

-        Religion or belief

-        Sex

-        Sexual orientation