RS Curriculum Overview

RS Curriculum Overview



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Year 10

Unit name

Christian Beliefs and Teachings

Muslim Beliefs and Teachings

Relationships and Families

Religion and Life

Religion, crime and punishment

Assessment approaches


Pupils will be assessed through a Class debate: motion – Jesus’ claim that he was God was the main factor which lead to his crucifixion. Student will also complete an end of unit written assessment, answering the essay title: God is not responsible for suffering in the world.’

Pupils will participate in a Speak Out challenge – Should Abu Bakr have been the first Muslim Caliph? And participate in a Theological chairs activity: “there are more difference between Sunni and Shia Islam”

Pupils will presentation on who they believe the most influential woman from Islamic History is and participate in a silent debate: ‘Religion has furthered the Patriarchal Agenda’ Discuss 


Pupils will participate in Fishbowl discussion- responding to ethical questions referring to religious and secular attitudes and will complete a walking, talking mock.

Student will also complete an end of unit written assessment, answering the essay title: ‘Only God can give and take life’ Discuss



Pupils will write essay question: ‘The main aim of punishment is rehabilitation.’ Discuss referring to the range of religious and secular attitudes toward the treatment of criminals.



Unit name


Muslim Practices

The existence of God and Revelation

Christian Practices


Exam Skills and Practice





Assessment approaches


Pupils will produce a Documentary (based on interviews)– What is the most important Muslim practice?

Students will complete an end of unit written paper, with the essay entitled: ‘Completing the hajj is the most important duty for a Muslim.’

Pupils will complete a convince my opposition competitions whereby students present 5-minute speech responding to classes objections to their personal word view. 


Pupils will complete a Social media cast – Has Christmas and Easter become too commercial?

Pupils will also have completed a written essay entitled: ‘Prayer is the most important form of Worship’


Pupils will complete a range of Exam questions using specimen papers under timed conditions. (peer, self-assessment/ one teacher assessment)