Is tech taking it’s toll in school?

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Is tech taking it’s toll in school?

By Nate, Noah and Maggie

Over the years, modern technology has evolved and drastically changed people’s lives. From a time when computers were the size of a room and you would have to be incredibly rich to have one; to the present day, where some young people spend more than five hours a day on it every day.

Many people argue that modern technology would help in a child’s learning as it can be a great resource for information and is much quicker and easier than reading a book. However, it could make children unfocused and unsociable. In a recent survey at Park View school, we found out that most students believed that modern technology in schools was either ‘good’ or ‘OK’.

Ms Smith, an English teacher at Park View said that “having something like Ipads in lessons could really benefit children and it would help not to waste paper. It could give kids more things to do, for example they could make presentations on the subject or they could find information through accessing the internet.” Overall, she believed that using modern technology throughout a child’s education has a massive benefit in their general learning.

Ms Bastien, a computer science teacher, said that technology could benefit schools in various ways. One way is how a teacher plans and presents a lesson. At Park View they are using Google Classroom, Show My Homework and in computing they are using Minecraft in order to learn which is a very innovative way to teach. In computer science lessons they are also we using programs such as BBC Microbit in order to learn and experiment with programing. They are also using EV3 which uses Mindstorm to program robots.

On the subject of special needs, the school has lots of resources to help children who need extra help in lessons, for example dyslexic children can have special keyboards that they can use and special pens for them to use for hovering over words to define the meaning. Also people who have no, or very little English can use Google translate to understand a word.

Technology instead of paper? The big debate


  • It doesn’t waste paper and wood, stopping the need to cut down trees
  • The finished work looks more professional (children don’t have to concentrate on handwriting)
  • As the world is using technology more and more, children should also be able to use it to a high standard, to have an open, successful future
  • Some students are quicker at typing which means they can complete work quicker.


  • Some people believe that using modern technology has the drawbacks such as long-term typing being harmful for eyes and the strain it causes to fingers.
  • Teachers won’t know whether the work is copy and pasted, or not
  • It loses the tradition and skill of writing on paper.
  • Many people become addicted to it.

On the whole, throughout education there are many different people with a range of opinions concerning whether using modern technology benefits in a child’s learning. Despite the fact that the majority of young people spend more than five hours a day using modern technology, it is unclear if it having a negative impact on learning. Is modern technology what will give you the grades that you need?