Park View Raise Money for the Marie Curie Charity


Park View Raise Money for the Marie Curie Charity

By Stevie, Rayaan & Havin 


Marie Curie Charity is an organisation that raises money for cancer care all around the UK. Every March millions of people show their support by giving a donation to wear a daffodil badge. The charity has had more than 30 fantastic years of fundraising and wearing the significant daffodil badges that symbolises rebirth and new beginnings.

Every year Park View supports different charities to give back to the community. This time they chose Marie Curie to give to one of the biggest illnesses in the world. This year they had a big bake sale in ‘The Street’. They sold cake slices, daffodil bunches, tiny eggs and a bunch of chocolate treats. At lunchtime Park View ran an amazing event for the students who wanted to win a chocolatey prize. There was a plastic egg roll race where students drew something on an egg and competed against each other in rolling them.

We asked Ms Christofi why she chose to help this charity. “First of all Marie Curie is an amazing charity, they help people with illnesses including cancer and that's quite close to my heart. Also, because it was a spring celebration and daffodils are related to spring and Marie curie is represented by daffodils so we kind of tied that all in.”

‘Our aim was to raise money for the charity, to give something to the students to look forward to, to enjoy a bit of cake, have a bit of fun with the egg race’.

‘At the moment we are getting more money, currently we have raised £120 and we are still counting. It is really good and I’m ecstatic about how much we’ve raised.’

We asked Ismail, a year 7 student at Park View, why he decided to buy a daffodil badge and support this charity. He kindly responded, “I bought the badge because I believe that no one should have to live the life with the fear of dying from cancer, I believe that there is a cure for this disease and that if we all take part in donating to charity we will fight it.”

At the end of the busy day, Park View children bought a lot of things and raised large amounts of money.