The Careers department at Park View works throughout the academic year in partnership with a charity based organisation called IntoUniversity, whose programme of support provides children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the help they need to achieve their potential.

Park View works with up to thirty students from each Year group on a series of workshops as part of the FOCUS programme. 

The school curriculum doesn’t always make links with the university experience of concentrated, passionate learning in a specialist area. The FOCUS programme offers young people learning experiences which aim to immerse them in a single topic or subject area. It includes confidence building, extending horizons, teamwork skills, leadership, pathways to the future, raising aspirations, making right choices and normalising the aspiration of going to university.

By embedding career education within these workshops and delivery of aspiration events, the Careers department and IntoUniversity’s aims are that the work carried out reflect the following values; talent, quality, compassion, aspiration and teamwork.