Should the voting age be lowered?


Should the voting age for the general election be lowered to 16?

By Maggie & Noah


Despite the fact that 16 and 17-year-olds can pay taxes, leave home, join the armed forces and get married, they still are not entitled to vote for important matters like the general election.  Ever since the beginning democracy in England, there have been many arguments about whether or not the voting age for elections and referendums should be lowered to 16-years-old.  

Many people argue that if young people had the chance to vote they would be more interested in politics. In a recent survey most participants (11-16 year olds) told us that they’re not interested in politics but if they could vote it would encourage them to look into what they are voting about. Another point is that young people deserve to have a say, it is their right. Young people are human beings too and should be able to have the same rights as adults. In a recent survey the majority of the participants said they would vote if they could which would increase the turnout which in the past has been low.

Some people have suggested that young people are too immature to make big decisions and are too easily manipulated. Older people might take advantage of their naivety and make them vote for who they believe in. Some also claim that 16 year olds don’t care enough to go out to vote or to make a serious choice. Evidence of this shows in other elections where lots of young people (18-25) don’t bother to register or to turnout.

In conclusion there many reasons why young people should and should not vote. The current Conservative government are against lowering the age of voting so for now under 18s will just have to be on the sideline during elections.


●       Young people will carry on voting as they get older because they will develop a habit of doing so

●      It will increase the turnout

●      Young people's views will be represented


●      Lack of maturity

●      Too young

●      Young people are not well informed and experienced