Fidget Spinners? Good or Bad?


Fidget Spinners? Good or Bad?

By Nate and Nahimur 


Over the last couple of weeks fidget spinners have hit the classroom like a wave.

But are they a good thing? 167 park view students responded to a questionnaire about fidget spinners. Over 80  students said that they owned a spinner and 25 students wanted one. Most teachers think that fidget spinners are a nuisance, but are they really beneficial?

Many articles have said that they benefit children with ADHD and autism, but this could just be a way to sell them. Most children on the other hand, treat them as a fun toy that is cheap and distracting. There is nothing wrong with fidget spinners outside of school.

However, it has been suggested that Fidget Spinners distract students from learning because students constantly spin them, which can frustrate teachers. Some schools have banned them because it distracts students. A lot of teachers think fidget spinners are a way to disrupt the class or a way to have an excuse to do little work. In addition, some children may be peer pressured from other students because they don't have one themselves. There have been reports of many children spending ridiculous amounts of money on spinners. In the questionnaire, over 20 students said that they would or have spent over £25 on one, and the most expensive fidget spinner on the market costs £600

In conclusion, fidget spinners are a fun toy that are a good answer to boredom. But, they are more of a distraction in class than a way to concentrate.