My Passion for Black Music Artists by Suraya

My Passion for Black Music Artists by Suraya

We’ve all been there - trying to introduce ourselves to new music but not knowing where to start or where to find new artists we can relate to. Well, you’re in luck because I am going to introduce you to a few underrated Black female artists that you may spark an interest in!

These artists have created beautiful music that heals the soul. Although some of these artists or genres may be something new to you or you think that you have no interest in it (it was a bit daunting to me when I first started looking for new music), it never hurt to try something new and venture out of the comfort zone into a world of wonder and excitement.


Rocking back with some Rap

One of my favourite artists to listen to is Jane Chika Oranika (most known by her stage name CHIKA). She grew up in Montgomery, Alabama with deep connections to her Igbo roots. As soon as I listened to Chika something in me lit up, she touched on issues that not many artists do, and has an indescribable style to her words that is unmatched. If I could rediscover one artist again it would be her. Never have I ever heard words strung together so perfectly, so eloquently and spoken with such emotion, especially in her song Crown. While writing this post I questioned whether I wanted to keep this music for myself but I shouldn’t be greedy, things are better shared and everyone should know about Chika and her amazing storytelling but don’t listen to me blab on about it - go listen to it yourself and give me your views in the comments or contact me using the social media links!


Touch my Soul

Lianne Charlotte Barnes (or most known professionally as Lianne La Havas) is a British singer songwriter whose music touched my soul and it could touch yours. The first song I listened to by her was Paperthin; the vibes, the sound, the music - it was nothing like I could ever imagine and felt like my mind was being rejuvenated. The slow and calm sound to her music is breathtaking - ethereal even - brilliant for studying, winding down nor doing a calm quiet activity. The words are woven together like silk and the smoothness of her vice is indescribable. I surely recommend that you experience this and even if you don't like it too much; you’re now one step closer to finding your preferred taste in music! Tell me what you think in the comments below.

To conclude, let me just say that all of these are only suggestions and that if these don’t match your taste tell me what does, maybe you could introduce me to new music too! Next time we can cover some R&B artists that have blessed my ears.

Until next time! :)