My Passion for Cooking by Sumaiya

My Passion for Cooking by Sumaiya


Human beings… Human beings all express themselves, some may not like expressing their feelings and emotions towards others, so instead we cook. Cooking is a way we can express ourselves without having to say a word. Cooking is full of creativity and a vast variety of choices and combinations.


Creativity is Key.

Creativity. Cooking leads you to a whole new level of excitement and joy. The choices are never-ending. Cooking boosts your imagination, for example you cook pasta, steak, sushi, etc. The variety is endless. The reason I’m passionate about cooking is that since I was a child, I was not fond on the idea of expressing myself. If I could not simply express myself, what was I meant to do? But then I discovered cooking. This unlocked a hidden compartment of my life. It all started then. The most memorable, vivid memory I have of cooking was one day when I was extremely frustrated and aggravated, I could not think of what to do, so I prepared a batch of chicken. Yes chicken, and in that batch I added a concoction of spices and chilli. Do you wonder why I did this? The heat represented and symbolised the anger that had built up inside of me. It’s just simply the magic of cooking.


Why Cooking?

Do not just take my word for it, 3 in 4 people have agreed that cooking is a colossal part in their lives! 72% of our population suggest that you start cooking, as once you start, you can’t stop! Other statistics show that 85% of that 72% have stated that cooking was a way they expressed themselves and found who they are. Cooking is like a drug, it’s so addictive… Cooking gives you the opportunity to explore, which helps to boost your imagination and everyone needs a good imagination.


Is Cooking for You?

If you want something that helps pass time but also lets you empty your emotions and feelings too, cooking is the thing for you. If you're feeling good, you could perhaps bake a cake, if you’re feeling salty you could prepare a salty dish. Cooking is an art in itself, it can be beautiful if you choose. There are simple dishes and likewise complex ones, each one describes you in its own unique way. This reduces my stress and anxiety. Ever wonder why I’m always happy? It’s due to the fact I cook. It fills me with life and energy. I myself (and the other 72%) assure you you’ll feel amazing! Overall cooking is a natural necessity I’m sure you all need.