My Passion for Creative Thinking and Exploring New Ideas

My Passion for Creative Thinking and Exploring New Ideas

Have you ever thought about what things could be like if your mind was left to roam free? Ever wanted to explore something that you haven’t explored yet? Creative thinking is a handy imaginative tool that anyone can use to delve into a new realm of possibilities and unlock their potential. This blog will be about how I like to use it, how other people can use it and the ways in which you can learn this powerful skill that will make more special than the rest.


Challenges: Making them

Boredom is a problem many face, including myself. However, sometimes being bored can lead to great adventures and experiences that you never would have had if it wasn’t for that period of boredom, which at the time feels like eternity. So, how can we break out of this tough shell that is boredom? Challenging yourself or playing challenging, strategic games is one way you can do that - but it isn’t always easy. The irony of making a challenge for yourself that suits you is that it can sometimes be a…challenge. It’s usually time that helps, as with many things, for an idea to click and form in your head. Even if you do come up with a great idea, there’s always the question of how to go about it: what’s first, what do I need before I can realistically do this, do I need to adapt my strategy or playstyle in a game setting, etc.. This process of brainstorming can actually be one of the most fun things, so don’t let it get to you. Getting to this stage can be easier if you make a criteria that challenges have to fit. For example, is it too short or too long? Is it going to have enough things you can do or get, or is it too restricted? This criteria can be different for everyone, so make sure it suits you. If you’re in that stage where you’re brainstorming but can’t find an answer, talk with a friend about it. Discussions can help a lot and will make you feel less isolated.


Challenges: In the game

Strategy games are fun and make you use those creative thinking skills for some of those tougher challenges. My favourite type of strategy game is the tower defence genre, specifically a steam game called “Dungeon Defenders 2”. Why that game may you ask? It’s different. Very different. But in a great and awesome way! Firstly, the amount of customization in this game is overwhelming. Shards, mods, defences, heroes and even synergies such as the poison and earth combo petrifying the enemy, which I find really cool and I use a lot. If I explained everything in this game, the length of it could probably reach the peak of Mount Everest. Plus, did I mention that it’s 3D and you can actually play as the heroes who each have their own unique defences? If you like this kind of game, I’d highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t, although start slow so that you’re not completely overwhelmed. If you can, bring a friend along for the ride so that later on you can complain endlessly at your frustration!