My Passion for K-Pop by Jasmin

A wonderful world with music 

Imagine being transported to another fantasy, another world, another universe. Imagine being able to grab at any scenario and have it played in your head. Imagine having an almost instant stress relief. Well, welcome to a wonderful world with music.

Ah, where to begin? What’s not to love? Who wouldn’t like to be enlightened? Music is one of the (if not, the) greatest things to have ever happened. Music dates back to - I can’t even imagine the number – many years ago. Whether it be cultural, therapeutic or just mere pleasure, there’s music for literally everyone. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like it. If someone who doesn’t like music exists, they’re easily my least favourite person in the world.

Imagine this, right. You’re in a burning building, you’re in a horrible place, almost certain you won’t make it out alive and all of a sudden, ***lahhhhhhhh***, someone’s there, an actual person is there to save you. The literal person of your dreams throws you over their shoulder, rescues you from that dark, dark place. You’re both now out of the building and you can’t thank them enough. You feel that you need to repay them in some way. You ask them for their name and they reply with, “Music”.  In time, they become irresistible and you become addicted…

There are many genres, many moods, many artists. Yes, we may not like or agree on them all, but as long as there is respect, that’s fine. That’s a main downside to this art. Lack of respect. If someone dislikes an artist, they take to their socials, mainly Twitter (that’s where it’s worst) and bash people’s hard work, bash their fans, even send death threats… My people know this too well. When I say my people, I refer to the K-Pop (Korean Pop) community. The amount of racist, xenophobic comments we’ve had to deal with, has even driven some to suicide. I am referring to one of my most inspirational idols - Jonghyun. May you rest in peace. Even now, I find hateful comments about him. It’s disgusting. We’re not all sunshine and rainbows, but I guess everything needs that balance. Other genres include: pop, K-Pop, K-RnB, RnB, EDM, synth pop, Afrobeats, country and many many more. I could go on for years really.

Nothing is better than the feeling of your favourite artist either releasing an album or revealing a concert (I’ve only been to one but there will be nothing that can top it). One of my favourite things about music is the messages that can be conveyed. My favourite artists consist of 2 Korean bands. BTS and SHINee (pronounced shiney). BTS especially has dedicated nearly 5 (if not more) of its albums to self love, self acceptance and the overall process of finding yourself as a person. They have helped literally MILLIONS (including me). I found them whilst I was quite young and they are the main reason for my confidence -  constantly reminding me that I can do it, that I am worth it. They have definitely impacted mine and millions of others’ mental wellbeing. BTS has even had the honour of holding a speech at UNICEF (it can be found on YouTube if you’re interested). They are truly grateful and love every single fan. I have grown (literally I’ve known them since I was 6-7) with them, and they’re approaching their 8 year anniversary in June. It’s quite weird to think I’ve known them for half of my life.

Thank you ever so much for listening to me ramble on about one of my favourite things in the world. Take time to bless and enlighten yourself with this amazing art. Again, thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow – I will be providing recommendations next time.