Sociology Curriculum Overview

Sociology Curriculum Overview





Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1/Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2





Foundations- Perspectives and social processes

Research Methods and Sociological Study (4 weeks)

The Sociology of the Family (10 weeks)

The Sociology of Education (8 weeks)

Revision and Application of Skills (4~ weeks)






  • Teacher created assessment-
  • Section A- Key word definition test utilising 1, 3 and 4 mark questions to test AO1 and AO”.
  • Section B- 12 mark discuss question testing AO1, AO2 and AO3 as well as students essay writing ability


  • 12 mark question on positivity of nuclear family









  • Teacher created assessment
  • Section A- Key word definition test and recall activity focused on methods and sampling
  • Section B- Collection of Exam questions to apply students knowledge to exam


-4 mark questions evaluating research methods against topics

- Exam Paper- Section A of AQA Exam Paper 1 – tests all style of exam question



  • Creation of a knowledge bank of sociologists and their views on the family
  • Exam Paper
  •  Section B of AQA Exam Paper 1 – tests all style of exam questions



  • Series of 4 mark questions on research methods and their application to education

Independent research project



-Mid point check on research project



Extended learning

  • Advanced reading- students read, annotate and create Cornell Notes on four different texts. These texts are of an advanced level and relate to the four main sociological perspectives students will learn about in this unit.







Year 11



The Sociology of Crime and Deviance (10 weeks)

The Sociology of Social Stratification (10 weeks)

Revision and Exam Preparation (12 weeks)




Extended Learning

  • Revision activities- students use Paper 1 Revision Guide to complete weekly revision activities. Topics and activities are chosen by students with staff support to target their specific needs. Revision activities can include exam practice, mind mapping, Cornell Note taking ro flash cards.











Exam Paper- Section A of AQA Exam Paper 2 – tests all style of exam questions


  • 12 Mark gender and crime question

Exam Paper- Section B of AQA Exam Paper 2 – tests all style of exam questions


-12 Mark new working class question with focus on conclusion writing

Various revision activities and exam technique sessions to prepare for GCSE examination